Numerous archaeological remains from different historical times discovered in the municipality can attest of Abrantes’ antiquity. Among the vestiges, the Prehistoric dolmens of of the village, the ruins of the oppidum of Aritium Vetusin Alvega, the Roman bridge of Alferrarede – Entre Ribeiras, and the Visigothic necropolis of Rio de Moinhos.
In the middle of the 1st century, Dom Afonso I of Portugal left deep marks with the conquest of the territory from the Moors in 1148, followed by the donation of the Castle and the region of Abrantes to the Order of Santiago de Espada in 1173.
An enchanted legend is associated to the origin of Abrantes
Abrantes is located 35km from Torres Novas.

Places of interest:
Fuvial Beach of Aldeia do Mato
Fortress/Castle of Abrantes
Outeiro of São Pedro
Church of São Vicente
Church of St. John the Baptist
Church of Santa Maria do Castelo
Museum D. Lopo de Almeida
Former Convento of São Domingo/ Municipal Library of Abrantes
Hermitage of Santa Ana
Ruins of the Oppidum of Aritium Vetus
Roman Bridge of Alferrarede/ Moorish Bridge