The town of Entroncamento dates from the mid-19th century with the dawn of the railway construction, and started out as a simple railway station. The name of the town derives from the railway junction that was formed there with the intersection of the lines from North and East, in 1864. At the time when the train was the most widely used means of transport, many illustrious travellers from Europe by East Line, or making the reverse journey, had lunch or dinner at the station’s restaurant. In their literary works, several writers mentioned it: Hans Christian Andersen, Ramalho Ortigão, Eça de Queiroz, Alberto Pimentel, Luzia Luísa de Freitas Lomelino’s pen name) and Eduardo Meneres.
This is also the land known for its “phenomena”, a terminology that dates back to the 50s of the previous century. According to popular reports, extraordinary or even fantastic events happen, which to this day receive some media coverage.
Entroncamento is located 7km from Torres Novas.

Places of interest:
National Railway Museum – that save national treasures as the Royal Train or the Portuguese Presidential Train.
Railway Quarters
Bonito’s Green Park
Chapel of St. John Baptist
Fountain of Vaginhas
School of Camões
Main Church