The town of Fátima belongs to the municipality of Ourém and is located in the heart of Serra de Aire.
The story of Fátima is associated with three children (the little shepherds of Fátima), Lúcia, Francisco and Jacinta that on 13th May 1917, when they were grazing their sheep in Cova da Iria, witnessed the appearance of a lady in white. The Lady, later referred as the Lady of the Rosary, appeared to have been sent by God with a message: pray, do penance and consecrate.
The strengthening in the belief has boosted the construction of the Fátima Sanctuary, one of the greatest spiritual value spaces in Marian devotion worldwide, starting with the Chapel of the Apparitions in 1919, followed by the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary (1928) and, more recently, the Basilica of the Holy Trinity (2007).
Since the apparitions of the Lady of the Rosary to the little shepherds, the secrets revealed by Her and which remained undisclosed for years, the Miracle of the Sun witnessed by thousands of people, Fátima is a place of worship and pilgrimage of thousand of faithful.
Fátima is located 21km from Torres Novas.

Places of interest:
Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary
Basilica of the Holy Trinity
Chapel of the Apparitions
Via Crucis and Calvary
Loça do Anjo
The Shepherds Village
Wax Museum
Interactive Museum “The Miracle of Fatima”
Life of Christ Museum
Museum of Sacred Art and Ethnology
Cave of the Parrot (Gruta do Papagaio)
Pia do Urso – theme park and pedestrian circuit