Golegã is a small rural village situated between the rivers Tagus and Almonda.
The human presence in these parts dates back to the Early Superior Chalcolithic attested by remains of utensils and fortified buildings.
This village was born in the first flush of nationality, when a woman from Galicia settled there and opened an inn. From then on it was renamed Venda da Galega, Póvoa da Galega, Vila da Galega and later «Golegã».
The horse is the ex-libris of the city, as well as the fighting bull and the campino.
The most prestigious and ancient Lusitano horse stud farms in the world are located in this region
Annually held in Golegã, in early November, the National Horse Fair is held in annually in Golegã in early November, it is the biggest horse fair in the country, it’s unique in the world, which makes Golegã the Mecca for all lovers of the Lusitano horse, gaining year after year, more and more domestic and foreign fans.
Golegã is located 11km from Torres Novas.

Places of interest:
Main Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Studio-House Carlos Relvas
Municipal Museum of the Typewriter
The Equuspolis Complex including the Sculpture and Paiting Museum from Master Martins Correia, an Art Gallery and a Museum of Horse’s History
Lusitanu Riding Centre
Quinta da Cardiga