The Serra de Aire is located in the heart of Estremadura limestone massif, rising up to 678m above sea level. It covers the municipalities of Ourém, Porto de Mós, Alcanena and Torres Novas, making the boundary between Ribatejo and the West. Together with its neighbouring Serra dos Candeeiros, it gives the name to the Natural Park of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros, which cover even the Serra da Mendiga. Known for its impressive natural caves situated in the Natural Park, the most important of which is the Spring River Almonda’s Cave, located in Vale da Serra, in the Torres Novas’ municipality. This amazing “subsurface treasure” extends for 15km in which were found various archaeological deposits from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Roman period.

Places of interest:
Natural Monument of the Dinosaurs’ Footprints of Serra de Aire (Ourém)
River Beach of Olhos d’Água from Alviela– located 19km from Torres Novas
Living Science Centre – The Karstscope(Alviela – fluvial beach)
Polje of Mira-Minde (Mira d’Aire, Minde)
Arrimal Lagoons(Arrimal, Porto de Mós)
CISGAP – The Underground Cave Algar do Pena Interpretation Centre (Vale de Mar, Alcanede)
Salt Fields (Fonte da Bica, Rio Maior)